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New app for emergency situations

  New app for emergency situations The tragic event that has shaken our nation has left many feeling anxious and uneasy, but a new app is helping to monitor the wellbeing and ...

celebrity stories

Brooke Shields, Barbie Doll?

  Brooke Shields turned herself into a human Barbie doll Brooke Shields turned herself into a human Barbie doll, and got it a little bit weird.


Help kids transition into high school

  How to help your kids transition into high school For pre-teens across the country, these summer school holidays may be tinged with apprehension about their impending move into the intimidating new ...

news stories

Homeless good Samaritan rewarded

  Homeless man rewarded for good Samaritan act A homeless man who offered a student his last few dollars so that she could get home safely is being rewarded for his generosity. In a big way.


Frozen director 'sorry' for Let it Go

  Frozen director Jennifer Lee You know how your kids can't stop singing Let It Go? The director of the film is really sorry about that.

news stories

Charlene speaks about the twins

  Princess Charlene speaks about the birth of the twins Princess Charlene of Monaco has opened up about her newborn twins, saying she is "crazy in love with them".

celebrity stories

Mindy's "Wreath Witherspoon" is a joy

  Mindy Kaling Wreath Witherspoon Now this is a celebrity Christmas tradition that we can all enjoy.

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