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Body balance

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
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Question: I have heard that a treatment called Hellerwork could help my fasciitis. What is it?

Developed in 1978 by a former American aerospace engineer, Joseph Heller, the basis of this mind-body therapy is a series of 60 to 90 minute sessions of manipulation, movement and discussion designed to restore the body's balance.

Rather than setting out to cure a specific illness, the aim of the therapy is to release tension and rigidity, and — by improving the body structure — to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Hellerwork practitioners believe that the bones and soft tissues of the body become misaligned from stress, illness or bad posture. In treating you, they will work through three main elements: first, Bodywork, involving the manipulation of connective body tissue called fascia (which surrounds the bundles of fibres that become muscle and tendons) to free tension in the muscles which Hellerworkers believe to be at the core of the body — the pelvis, spine, head and neck; secondly, Movement Education, teaching you how to move in a well-balanced way; and thirdly, Dialogue, where you will discuss how attitudes, beliefs and feelings affect how you use your body.

People with a wide range of aches and pains, especially neck ache, back pain and headaches, have responded well to this form of therapy. It may also help internal processes affected by muscle function, such as digestion.

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