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Healthy food for active kids

Monday, August 1, 2011
Healthy food for active kids

Question: My son plays lot of sport on the weekends. What can I feed him to make sure he has plenty of energy?

Answer: Sport is an important part of the day for many kids and providing nutritious, energy-rich meals and snacks is vital.

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Here are some tips to help your child stay healthy and perform at their best:

  • Base main meals around wholegrain breads and cereals, pasta or rice, with plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits on the side.
  • Eating a nutritious meal the night before will help energy levels for the following day.
  • Provide healthy snacks to refuel their energy during the day and after they have finished their activity. These could include sliced oranges, a banana or a wholegrain muffin.
  • Encourage your child to drink plenty of water. Being excited about their sport, they may need a little extra reminder!
  • Encourage your child to eat breakfast every day, even if they are a bit nervous or excited about the day ahead — it will provide energy to kick off the day full of life!

This information is provided by the Sanitarium Nutrition Service.

Your say: Do you have any tips for feeding active children?

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