Lengthen and release

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
lengthen and release

Keep your pelvis, lower back and hips healthy with daily hamstring stretches, especially if you spend much of your working day sitting. Try this intermediate hamstring stretch in the kneeling position.

  • Kneel upright behind the back of a chair, about an arm's length away. Place your hands on the back of the chair. Find a neutral spinal alignment.

  • Extend your right leg forward in line with your sit bone in parallel alignment, resting your heel on the floor with a slightly flexed foot. Be careful not to press the back of extended knee down to the floor.

  • Do not twist your hips by allowing the right hip to come forward.

  • Hinge your body slightly forward from the hips without swinging the pelvis or the kneeling leg backwards. Bend your elbows slightly as your body moves forward.

  • Maintain neutral spine. Do not hunch over. Hold for 10 breaths or 60 seconds before moving to the other side.

Copyright: The Australian Ballet 2005
Extracted from Bodywise, discover a deeper connection with your body; ABC Books; RRP: $34.95; fully illustrated. Available from all good bookstores.

Bodywise is written by staff at The Australian Ballet. In 2005 The Australian Ballet is performing throughout Australia and internationally. Visit The Australian Ballet's website, www.australianballet.com.au for details.

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