What inspired you to lose weight?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Princess Beatrice on holiday this week, and three years ago
Princess Beatrice on holiday this week, and three years ago

Princess Beatrice showed off the results of her dramatic weight loss yesterday, donning a black strapless swimsuit while on holiday in France.

The 22-year-old royal looked lean and toned in the frilly one-piece and seemed confident and happy as she relaxed with boyfriend Dave Clark on a yacht off the coast of Antibes.

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Beatrice's new body is the result of three years of dieting and a gruelling exercise regime. The princess decided to transform her figure after unflattering photos of her in a bikini were published in 2008.

Beatrice was devastated by the photos, and vowed to lose her "puppy fat" for good.

"I thought people were a bit mean, although I know it comes with the territory," Beatrice told the UK's Daily Mail at the time.

"The trouble is, I don't have much confidence so it can be quite upsetting. I could probably do with losing the odd pound though, so perhaps it is the kick I need."

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Beatrice might be a princess, but it turns out she's just like any other woman when it comes to weight loss. Seeing an unflattering photo of yourself is one of the biggest weight loss triggers, alongside being dumped, not fitting into a favourite piece of clothing and health problems.

Your say: What inspired you to lose weight?

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