Why you should do yoga

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Why you should do yoga

In the past few weeks some pretty ordinary things have happened to me. The kind of stuff that makes your heart stop and your breath stick like black tar deep in your chest somewhere. I’m sure you know what I mean.

For the truth is bad stuff happens to everyone — or so I’m told. The funny thing is we tend to keep it to ourselves, which is kind of weird when often the very thing that makes everything feel better is to talk about it. Kind of ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ type stuff.

Still, I get it. Like I said. Some pretty ordinary things have happened during the past few weeks. And I know talking about it would probably make it better but I’m not quite ready. Not just yet. I’m sure to share bit by bit. I’m just warming up to it right now. Dipping my toes little by little.

I did talk to one girlfriend. A woman who has been in my life since I was a teenager. A woman who has suffered more than her fair share in life. And would you believe something extraordinarily similar had happened in her world too. Only she’d never said a word. Not one little peep.

Talking to her and telling her what my family and I were going through helped immensely. She’d been there and could tell me quite honestly, with deep, true, courage that this too shall pass. It had for her and it would for me too. That we’d come out the other end and when we get there the sun would be twinkling just like it used to.

Talking to her helped me immensely. I’m hopeful that sharing her story with me helped her too if only a little. I can feel my heart beating a little more strongly and maybe the black tar is loosening a bit too. This I suppose is because she and I created our own little community for a moment there. We reached out to one another and connected.

Which brings me to Eoin Finn, the founder of Blissology Yoga, a style of yoga that is designed to be suitable for absolutely everyone, no matter what age, shape or level of fitness.

“Community is what counts,” says Eoin.

“We need to reach out to one another and connect. And everything will be better.”

Of course Eoin would also like to see us practising some yoga whenever we can. The Canadian native says that yoga is a godsend for all but this is particularly the case for women who are entering their 30s and beyond.

“This is a transitional period for many women,” says Eoin.

“It’s a period of time when you’re trying to carve out a balance between me time and family time, caring for kids, holding down a relationship and building your career…

“Women in this age category tend to send a lot of energy outward. That means you can end up depleted or burnt out even. Yoga can help there. It can be your ‘me’ time. Yoga can help fulfill you both physically and emotionally.”

Of course joining a yoga class means you’ll also get a hit of that community spirit that Eoin is so keen on.

“Yoga will make you very healthy both inside,” he says.

“Combine that with the connection to the yoga community and you’ll be healthy and happy.”

To find a yoga class near you simply type yoga into a search engine and see what pops up. Eoin suggests you join a few classes before you make a decision as to whether yoga is for you or not. And don’t go in expecting perfection.

“Have a simple goal,” says Eoin.

“Aim to leave the yoga class feeling better than when you walked in. Do that and you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful experience.”

Learn more about Eoin Finn and Blissology Yoga at www.blissology.com

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