Parenting guide reviews

Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Parenting guide reviews

The Australian Women's Weekly Home Library have just released a new range of books for new parents, with everything you need to know from breastfeeding to nutrition to baby health.

Baby Basics

It's an essential primer for new parents, the perfect little handbook to help you plan your baby's nursery. Baby Basics gives you the lowdown on what to buy - and not just clothes - car seats, cots and strollers too, not to mention nappies and bottle-feeding equipment.

Baby Food

Learning to breastfeed is easy when you know how. This is a guide for new mothers, which discusses the advantages of breastfeeding and also offers solutions to common problems such as "not enough milk". Bottle-feeding is also explained in details with useful information on sterilising bottles and choosing a formula. And when it's time to wean, there are suggestions for first foods.

Baby Sleep

Babies destroy the sleep patterns of new parents, leaving many of you feeling like zombies. Sleep strategies are discussed here (including controversial ones), there's a sleep chart so you can see how much sleep you and your baby are getting, and there are even some lullabies. Baby Sleep may not make you feel less tired, but you'll be left reassured that your new sleeping patterns are a normal part of new parenting.

Baby Health

Many baby health problems are minor and pass quickly, but as a new parent, how do you know what is minor? Common baby ailments are examined here and instructions are given about home treatment if appropriate, as well as warnings on when you should call the doctor or ambulance. Ailments are listed alphabetically for easy, fast reference.

Each book in the Parenting Guide range is $4.95
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