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What it means to be a Taurus

Born in May? Happy Birthday month! This is what the stars say about you.

TAURUS (April 22 - May 21)

You are strong, independent and you relish in your astounding individuality. Your creativity is as important to you as breathing. You hunger for perfection, sharing your sign with the world’s most memorable divas, like Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey.

Aries is the first sign on the astrological calendar, therefore you consider being first a right not a privilege, but don’t be mistaken, you’ll work just as hard as anyone else to get there. You are passionate and fiery but be careful not to push yourself so far that your flame goes out.

Take some time to yourself, peaceful meditation and alone time with your thoughts will help because your mind is constantly overflowing with ideas and new concepts.

You thrive when you’re surrounded by a large circle of friends, but if someone were to latch onto you or become too clingy, they soon will feel your scorn. You’ll often clash with a Virgo. You are no shrinking violet, which means you need someone to match your fighting spirit. You’re a romantic but you also love having fun in the bedroom, which goes hand in hand with an Aquarian.

Your celebrity star-mates are Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga.

Horoscopes by Jessica Adams

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