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Pannacotta made with gelatine
Expert Q&A

What's the best gelatine? Powdered or leaf?


Please could you tell me the difference between powdered gelatine and leaf gelatine? Is one better than the other?


Gelatine is a thickening agent made from either collagen (a protein found in animal connective tissue and bone) or certain algae (known as agar-agar). We tend to use dried (powdered) gelatine in our recipes, simply because it's readily available at all supermarkets. Leaf gelatine can be interchanged with powdered gelatine — 3 teapsoons of powdered gelatine (8g/1 sachet) is roughly equivalent to four gelatine leaves. Professionals use leaf gelatine because it generally results in a smooth, clearer consistency — it's perfect in dishes where appearance really counts. The only drawback of leaf gelatine is in sourcing it — it's usually not available from supermarkets, but can be found in specialist cooking shops.

Pics: John Paul Urizar/bauersyndication.com.au

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