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Beckhams share intimate new baby photo

Beckhams share intimate new baby photo

Victoria Beckham has tweeted another intimate photo of her husband David cuddling their new daughter Harper.

"I took this beautiful picture and wanted to share it with you, baby Harper cuddling Daddy!" Victoria wrote on her Twitter feed.

Harper is David and Victoria's fourth child and only daughter. They are also parents to Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and six-year-old Cruz.

David and Victoria have chosen to share photos of Harper on their social networking sites instead of the traditional celebrity magazine deal.

Victoria first tweeted a picture of Harper and David a few days after the baby was born. David quickly followed suit, uploading an image of Victoria and Harper sleeping onto his Facebook page later the same day.

David has also spoken of his joy to finally have a daughter in a series of video interviews posted online.

"To have another girl in the family is really incredible," he said. "We've got three beautiful healthy boys already and we're so lucky to have that and now to have a beautiful little girl.

"Having a daughter is a whole new thing. Having pink in the house, having lilac in the house... and you have to be a lot more delicate with girls than boys and I'm not used to that so it's a whole new experience."

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