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Behind-the-scenes at Magda Szubanski's cover shoot

Behind-the-scenes at Magda Szubanski's cover shoot

It's another beach-perfect Sydney afternoon and Magda is under studio lights in full make-up, freshly whooshed hair and a slinky red dress she feels so good in she's decided to take it home.

She's busting her best dance moves to Michael Jackson and the general consensus all round is the girl's on fire as The Weekly's photographer snaps away, delighted with Magda's ease in front of the camera.

In a break from shooting, the TV star discusses the unfortunate down side of her amazing weight loss — increased media attention. While it can be annoying at times, Magda has embraced it, and is proud of the way she is presented.

"The increased glare of publicity has been confronting, sure, but you kind of get more used to it," she rationalises. "I'm not Nicole Kidman. I guess it's at a manageable level for me and hopefully it will slow down. For me, it's a matter of 'Go for it dudes!'. I'm just going to get on with living and enjoying my life.

"The reality is that I am very grateful for the way I have been portrayed by the media. It's been very real and true to who and what I am. It's like a camel through the eye of a needle, but I think we are getting a message out there that has never been out there before. And I am damn proud to be part of it."

Magda's message

  1. You can turn back the clock. Getting fit and healthy will make you feel years younger.
    1. Drink water.
    2. Eat your vegies.
    3. Listen to your body. It's way smarter than you are.
    4. Keep a food journal. We all get "calorie amnesia" and think we eat way less than we actually do.
    5. Chocolate is not your friend. Your friends are your friends. Chocolate is just fat and sugar.
    6. Your body loves to move. Let it.
    7. No matter what your size, get out there and enjoy life.
    8. Make activity fun. That way, you are more likely to do it.
    9. Success is not about never failing. It's about continuing to get up and try again when you have failed.

Read more of this story in the April issue of The Australian Women's Weekly.

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