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George Clooney

Five reasons we love George Clooney

George Clooney has given women everywhere another reason to adore him - while in prison last week he used his only phone call to ring his mum to tell her he loved her.

He's sexy as hell, but that's not the only reason to adore George Clooney — here are five reasons we can't get enough of the 50-year-old hunk.

1. He loves his mum

George was arrested last week while protesting the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC. He was charged with civil disobedience and sent to prison and while there, used his only phone call to ring his beloved mother Nina. When quizzed about who he had called, George told reporters: "My mom. Some things never change!"

2. He has never kissed and toldGeorge has dated dozens of beautiful women but has never spilled any secrets about what goes on between his sheets. He is always discreet and keeps his private life, well, private! He has reportedly enjoyed dalliances with Julia Roberts, Renee Zellweger and Charlize Theron, but we'll never know for sure because George would never kiss and tell.

3. He's generousGeorge is famously generous, to both his friends and complete strangers. He once bought a woman a new car after he damaged hers in a collision, gave a homeless man a fistful of money and paid his struggling ER co-star Noah Wyle's rent until Noah got back on his feet. He gave another friend the keys to his Lake Como villa as a honeymoon gift and is known to shower the cast and crew of his films with extravagant presents.

4. He cares about things

George has a social conscience and isn't afraid to show it. He donated $1 million to the Hurricane Katrina appeal and a similar amount to the Haiti earthquake fund. He is passionate about civil rights and has been campaigned for an end to conflict in Dafur, the Sudan and Chad since 2006.

5. He looks great in a tuxedoMost men look good in a tux, but George looks absolutely divine. Fortunately, George favours a more formal style of dress, meaning he wears suits most of the time. He is also a fan of old-fashioned grooming, so there's no risk of him ruining his looks by growing a Brad Pitt-style beard.

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