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How Gwyneth lost 10kg after latest role

Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer has been speaking about how the actress lost 10kg after her latest film role.

The perennially slim 38-year-old actress apparently had to put on the weight to play an alcoholic singer in Country Strong.

Trainer Tracy Anderson, who has worked with the US star for years, says she was confident Paltrow would lose the weight quickly.

"They wanted her to eat a lot of fried chicken," Anderson told People magazine at the movie's premiere in Nashville. "It was frustrating for me, but they wanted her to gain [weight]."

Anderson revealed that in her years working with the famously health-conscious star, this is the first time she has had to help her gain weight.

"When I trained her for the first Iron Man movie, I took 30 pounds [14kg] off her," Anderson said. "And she's been consistent ever since."

Paltrow, who is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, is famous for following a strict macrobiotic diet until the birth of her children but Anderson claims she has never held back with her eating.

"She's never been a dieter, she loves to eat," Anderson said.

Switching back to her normal diet and normal exercise routine saw the weight drop off straight away, according to Anderson.

Your say: Do you think it is good that role models such as Gwyneth Paltrow are so preoccupied with their weight?

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