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Baby's breath wreath

Baby's breath wreath

For a unique yet festive Christmas decoration, make a gorgeous wreath. Hang one on the door, or make a few and hang them on the walls or around the garden. They'll be the talk of the season! Materials
1 x 'Oasis' wreath base (available from florist or floral supply stores)
1 x hot glue gun
1 x hot glue stick
2 x large bunches of baby's breath To make

  1. Soak base for an hour prior to using
  2. Cut baby's breath pieces to size (approximately 10-20 cm)
  3. Poke into wet base
  4. Work your way around until wreath is covered
    NB: Spray with water every two days to keep freshTo attach wreath to door, use ribbon, or florist wire glued to the back of the wreath

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