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Pizza to please

With a recent surge in gourmet offerings the scope of today's pizza is huge. No longer is it simply a high fat, high salt takeaway food best limited in the diet. Let's explore what's hot in the latest offerings and how best to choose a pizza to please.

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Smart choices

Base – opt for a thin and crispy base rather than one stuffed with cheese.

Vegetables – go heavy on the veggies asking for extra capsicum, fresh or roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and more gourmet offerings like artichoke hearts, roasted pumpkin and rocket leaves.

Cheese – see the light and opt for a gourmet pizza which tend to have a smaller quantity of a strong flavoured cheese like goat or feta. With regular pizzas ask for ½ the normal cheese content so you can see and taste the other toppings.

Herbs – fresh herbs add flavour without fat and can also boost your antioxidant intake.

Meat – favour fresh over processed meats and control the portion of meat on the pizza. Bypass the meat lovers special and always including veggie toppings too.

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