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Swap smart and save in the kitchen

Do you suffer from the no time to cook syndrome? It's a common cry in today's busy world. The problem is you can end up with too many dial out solutions that are often high in kilojoules and fat and low on nutrients.

Let's take a look at some smart swaps for your kitchen that will cut down on time, but boost your health.

Swap this: Fresh herbs
For that: Herbs in a tube

Ok, so you know that your gorgeous mortar and pestle looks fabulous on your kitchen bench, but the time to grind fresh herbs and the washing up just seems too hard. Even when you buy fresh herbs you only use a small portion and end up wasting an expensive bunch of coriander or basil. Herbs in a tube are your perfect cooking partner. They have the taste and appearance of fresh herbs, keep refrigerated for 90 days, are mess free and come in a range of combos including Thai spices, just the ticket for that beef salad.

Swap this: Fresh whole onions
For that: Frozen chopped onions

Now spring onions and red Spanish onions are best for salads and you can’t substitute leeks in a chicken pie, but frozen, chopped onions can be a significant time saver. There are no smelly fingers, chopping time or teary eyes, just shake your required amount into a wok, frypan or hotpot, and your meal is away in minutes.

Swap this: Brown rice
For that: Instant brown rice

Wholegrains harness all the goodness of the grain and recent recommendations are encouraging all Australian to go for at least four serves of whole grains a day. Brown rice may not be the match for sushi, but its nutty flavour lends itself beautifully to curries. Fast cook some chunky vegetable pieces with curry paste and tinned tomatoes and zap a packet of pre-cooked instant brown rice in the microwave for a curry in a hurry.

Swap this: Dried chick peas
For that: Canned chick peas

You can remember the night before to soak these delicious balls of goodness, but if you are like the majority of us…you’ve just arrived home late after work and need to feed the hungry hordes in 15 minutes. So have a look in the pantry, grab some pasta and a tomato based pasta sauce …add a can of chick peas and you've added some protein together with nutritious carbs and plenty of dietary fibre to make a highly nutritious delicious tasting meal. Canned legumes like chick peas extremely versatile and are the healthy staples that should live in everyone’s pantry for a convenient meal.

Do you have any healthy time-savers to share? Tell us below...

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