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The 2007 Australian Women's Health Diary

The 2007 Australian Women's Health Diary

It's time to get organised, take charge of your life — and kick-start the new year with The Australian Women’s Health Diary 2007.

Busy mums such as the Seven Network's Sydney news anchor, Chris Bath, know how important it is to stay on top of their daily lives by being organised. And what better way to keep ahead of your plans and commitments than by buying The Australian Women's Health Diary 2007.

"The Australian Women's Health Diary is a real lifesaver," says Chris, who has thrown her support behind this fundraising diary by writing the foreword and fronting its community service advertisements. "It has plenty of space to help plan your day and lots of health tips to help look after you!

"The Australian Women's Health Diary just doesn't save me every day — it helps save lives across the globe, with all proceeds going towards vital breast cancer research."

The diary, produced by The Australian Women's Weekly on behalf of the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) and sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank and Avon, has raised more than $3 million for research since it was first launched in 1999.

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Some quick facts about breast cancer and *The Australian Women's Health Diary*

  • Currently in Australia one in 10 women will get breast cancer at some stage of their life.
  • The main risk factors for breast cancer are being female, increasing age and a family history of the disease.
  • More women are surviving a diagnosis of breast cancer due to advances in early diagnosis and treatments produced through clinical trials research.
  • You can learn more about breast cancer screening and treatmenthere.
  • The diary is a wonderful resource for women of all ages on a number of important women's health issues and includes self-help information sections accompanied by colour pictures, diagrams, statistics and checklists.
  • Health sections include First Aid, Healthy Body, Love that Skin, Healthy Lifestyle, Heart Smart, Healthy Finance, Healthy Mind, Pregnancy and Baby, Healthy Family, Breast Health, Healthy Woman and Healthy Home.

Buy a copy for yourself and the other women in your life, and help save lives.

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