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Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne: Our kids are longing for us to marry
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Liz Hurley and Shane Warne: Our kids are longing for us to marry

When Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley were photographed kissing in 2010, their relationship was dismissed as a flash in the pan. But two years later the couple are engaged, renovating a new house and eagerly planning their wedding — which can't come soon enough for their children.

The model and the cricketer have four children between them — Liz has son Damian, 10, with billionaire Steve Bing and Shane has Brooke, 15, Jackson, 13, and Sumer, 11, with ex-wife Simone Callahan — and they're all desperate for a big white wedding, but Elizabeth says the nuptials won't take place any time soon.

"I think all the children are longing for us to get a move on," Elizabeth tells the January issue of The Australian Women's Weekly. "But it has to be the right time for all of us. We have a plan in mind, but it's still early days, sorry.

"We are loving our long engagement and had always planned it this way. We have a great deal of organising to do, mostly because Shane is now based in England while his children are based in Australia, along with much of his work.

"We needed this time to plan out how all our lives can work. We have committed to share our lives and are trying as hard as we can to make it fabulous for everyone involved, and we've had a lot of fun doing it."

When the wedding does happen, Elizabeth says all four kids will have starring roles.

"We couldn't contemplate doing anything without all four of our children being involved, so they will be prominent," she says.

Unlike some stepmothers, who have endless problems bonding with their stepchildren, Elizabeth says she can't get enough of Brooke and Summer.

She says the girls love her, and she in turn finds them "enchanting".

"I am blessed to have three future stepchildren and love spending as much time as possible with them," Elizabeth says. "It's heavenly to have some girls and Brooke and Summer are enchanting, and we have lots of fun and cuddles."

Read more of this story in the January issue of The Australian Women's Weekly.

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