Kids knitted clown jumper

Monday, May 20, 2002
Kids knitted clown jumper

Cute, colourful and cuddly - our clown jumper is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

8ply knitting wool (50g balls):
Main Colour (M - blue):
6 (7, 7, 8) balls.
Contrast 1 (C1 - yellow): 1 ball.
Contrast 2 (C2 - red):
1 ball.
Contrast 3 (C3 - green): 1 ball.
Contrast 4 (C4 - white): 1 ball.
Contrast 5 (C5 - black): 1 ball
One pair each 4.00mm (No 8) and 3.25mm (No 10) knitting needles or sizes needed to give correct tension.
Two stitch-holders.
Yarn bobs.
Two novelty buttons for eyes.
Small amount of polyester filling.

To fit sizes: 4 (6, 8, 10 ) years. Fits underarm: 60 (65, 70, 75) cm.
Garment measures: 73 (78, 83, 88) cm. Length (approx): 40 (44, 48, 52 )cm.
Sleeve fits: 28 (33, 38, 40 )cm or length desired.

Alt: alternate; beg: beginning; cm: centimetres; cont: continue; dec: decrease, decreasing; foll: follows, following: inc: increase, increasing; include: inclusive, including; K: knit; P: purl; rem: remain/ing; rep: repeat; st/s: stitch/es; stocking st: 1 row knit, 1 row purl.

22 sts and 30 rows to 10cm over stocking st, using 4.00mm (No 8) needles. Check tension carefully before commencing. Wrong tension will result in a garment that is the wrong shape and size.

Using 3.25mm needles and M, cast on 81 (87, 93,
) sts.
1st row. K2, *P1, K1, rep from * to last st, K1.
2nd row. K1 *P1, K1, rep from * to end.
Rep 1st and 2nd rows until work measures 5cm from beg, ending with a 2nd row and inc one st in centre of last row ... 82 (88, 94, 98) sts.
Change to 4.00mm needles. **
Work 106 (118, 130, 142) rows stocking st.
Shape shoulders. Cast off 24 (27, 29, 31) sts at beg of next 2 rows.
Leave rem 34 (34, 36, 36) sts on a stitch-holder.


Work as for Back to **.
Work 28 (40, 48, 58) rows stocking st.
Note. When changing colours mid-row, twist the colour to be used (on wrong side) underneath and to the right of colour just used. Use a separate ball of yarn for each section of colour. Wind small amounts of colours onto yarn bobs as required.
Next row. K11 (14, 17, 19) M, work 1st row of Graph across next 60 sts, K11 (14, 17, 19) M.
Next row. P11 (14, 17, 19) M, work 2nd row of Graph across next 60 sts, P11 (14, 17, 19) M.
Work a further 48 rows stocking st, keeping 11 (14, 17, 19) sts in M correct at either end of work and working rows 3 to 50 incl from graph across centre 60 sts.
Using M, work 8 (8, 10, 12) rows stocking st.
Shape neck. Next row. K33 (36, 39, 41), turn and cont of these sts.
Dec at neck edge in every row until 29 (32, 35, 37) sts rem, then in foll alt rows until 24 (27, 29, 31) sts rem.
Work 5 rows.
Cast off.
Slip next 16 sts onto stitch-holder and leave.
Join M to rem sts and knit to end.
Dec at neck edge in every row until 29 (32, 35, 37) sts rem, then in foll alt rows until 24 (27, 29, 31) sts rem.
Work 6 rows.
Cast off.

Using 3.25mm needles and M, cast on 39 (41, 43, 45) sts.
Work 5cm ribs for back, ending with a 2nd row and inc 7 sts evenly across last row ... 46 (48, 50, 52) sts.
Change to 4.00mm needles.
Working in stocking st, inc at each end of 3rd and foll alt (4th, 4th, 4th) rows until there are 52 (74, 80, 82) sts, then in foll 4th (6th, 6th, 6th) rows until there are 76 (80, 88, 92) sts.
Cont without further inc until work measures 28 (33, 38, 40) cm from beg, ending with a purl row.
Cast off.

Using backstitch, join right shoulder seam. With right side facing, using 3.25mm needles and M, knit up 91 (91, 97,97) sts evenly around neck, incl sts from stitch-holders.
Work 6cm rib as for Back, beg and ending with a 2nd row.
Cast off loosely in rib.

Using 4.00mm needles and C3, cast on 12 sts.
Work 60 rows stocking st in stripes of 6 rows C3, 2 rows C2, 10 rows C3, 2 rows C2, 20 rows C3, 2 rows C2, 10 rows C3, 2 rows C2, and 6 rows C3.
Cast off.

Using 4.00mm needles and C5, cast on 8 sts.
Work 4 rows stocking st.
5th row. K2C5, K4C2, K2C5.
6th row. P2C5, P4C2, P2C5.
Rep 5th and 6th rows once.
Using C5, work 4 rows stocking st.
Cast off.

Using 4.00mm needles and C2, cast on 4 sts.
Work 3 rows stocking st, inc at each end of every row ... 10 sts.
Work 4 rows stocking st, beg with a purl row.
Dec at each end of next 3 rows ... 4 sts.
Cast off.

With a damp cloth and warm iron, press lightly. Using black and backstitch, embroider around clown's face, hair, hat and ears as illustrated, then embroider mouth. Place filling beneath nose; slip-stitch nose in position. Gather centre of tie and sew below clown's chin, placing filling under each end. Sew centre of bow tie in place. Sew on eyes. If desired, using C2, make loops for hair and attach to hat as shown. Using backstitch, join left shoulder and neckband seam. Fold neckband in half onto wrong side; slip-stitch loosely in position. Tie coloured threads to sides of Back and Front 17 (18, 20, 21

Click here for pattern

C1 (yellow)
C2 (red)
C3 (green)
C4 (white)
C5 (black)

NOTE: Read odd-numbered rows (knit rows) from right to left and even-numbered rows (purl rows) from left to right.

NOTE: For ease, Knitting Stitch embroider C5 sts on mouth, ears and eyes on completion.

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