Erotic e-book for grandparents a surprise bestseller

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Monday, November 12, 2012
Erotic e-book for grandparents a surprise bestseller

Move over nubile virgin Ana Steele, there's a new erotic heroine in town — and she's a grandmother.

Jeanie, the protagonist of Hilary Boyd's debut novel Thursdays in the Park, is a 62-year-old woman who meets the man of her dreams while babysitting her grandchildren.

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The erotic fiction was initially published in the UK last year and sold fewer than 1000 copies, but after the worldwide success of so-called 'mummy porn' 50 Shades of Grey, Boyd's book was republished as an e-book in August.

Word of mouth saw sales grow quickly and the book has been top of the UK e-book bestsellers list for the past four weeks, outselling all three 50 Shades books.

Thursdays in the Park will soon be translated into French, Swedish, Finnish and German and film rights are currently being negotiation.

The book follows the life of Jeanie, whose husband of 30 years has just abandoned their marital bed when she meets Ray in the park where they both watch their grandchildren.

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A complicated love affair ensues; which Boyd claims is far more enticing than the masochistic relationship featured in 50 Shades.

"All I can say is that sex in the park beats sex in the basement," she said.

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