Officeworks kick starts big ideas

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Officeworks kick starts big ideas
Competition winners with The Weekly's Editor-in-Chief Helen McCabe

These ambitious young women all have big ideas, and now they are one step closer to getting their projects off the ground.

Julie Cockle, a nurse, Emily Anders, designer, and Emilia Kostovski, a writer, are now launching their big ideas by building their dream workspace thanks to Officeworks.

The three young women told Australian Women's Weekly Editor-in-Chief Helen McCabe about their big ideas.

"The three winners of our Officeworks competition were young women starting out in small business," she said.

"It was terrific to spend time hearing about their exciting projects. Although they came from quite different parts of the country they had a lot in common."

Emily Anders wishes to embark on her long awaited dream in creating her own kids wall art range.

Julie Cockle has seen many young people come through her hospital as a result of bad decision making and would like to be able to educate young people on sexual and mental health as well as drug and alcohol use.

And Emilia Kostovski has just completed a journalism and law degree and dreams of pursuing a career in writing and fashion.

"At Officeworks we make it our business to support the dreams of Australia’s women – from the entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers to parents and office administrators – by providing the raw materials and expert knowledge and advice to help bring their ideas to life," an Officeworks spokesperson said.

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