Miranda Kerr: Alpha female or submissive wife?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Miranda Kerr: Alpha female or submissive wife?
Miranda Kerr

She's the genetically-blessed Australian supermodel who bestows confidence-building advice to female fans on how to empower themselves.

But Miranda Kerr has caused a stir by promoting the idea that women should take the back seat in relationships so men can feel important.

In an interview during which the 30-year-old acknowledges the importance of “my brand”, the ex-David Jones ambassador says when she comes home from work, she takes on a “more feminine” role.

“If you’re really an alpha female, you don’t allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship,” she tells Net-A-Porter magazine.

“Maybe I am too traditional, but men feel important when you ask for their help, instead of thinking you can do it all on your own.”

As someone who says she is “quite dominant” in her career and wants “to do good things with [the] voice” she’s earned from her modelling success, the portrait of a seemingly submissive wife is being criticised as regressive.

Kerr is the author of a book Treasure Yourself, described on her website as containing “important lessons on self-confidence, inner beauty and acceptance.”

In a 2005 interview, Kerr’s husband Orlando Bloom, who was single at the time, said, “I like women of strong character.” He also valued “independence.”

In a commentary referring to Kerr’s latest comments, Daily Life editor Sarah Oakes remarked: “She’s a woman with significant influence and profile. While I’m not expecting robust feminist commentary it’s a shame she can’t do a little better than suggesting women diminish their power.”

But Kerr appears to regard it as a form of self-improvement.

“My mistake in my relationships has been to feel that I can do it all on my own: I don’t need a man,” Kerr added in the magazine interview.

“That is definitely a mistake. Women generally want to feel loved and appreciated. It’s something that I am working on every day, trust me! It’s a challenge for me to do that.”

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