Middleton sisters usher in new age of royal style

Saturday, April 30, 2011
Middleton sisters usher in new age of royal style
Catherine and Phillipa Middleton preparing to enter Westminster Abbey

As if marking a new era of British royalty wasn't enough, Catherine Middleton and her sister Phillipa are also redefining British style.

The Middleton sisters have shirked the "commoner" stereotypes previously bestowed on them, impressing fashion critics worldwide with their stylish and chic royal wear.

In pictures: William and Catherine celebrate their marriage

Both in Alexander McQueen gowns, designed by Briton Sarah Burton, Catherine and Phillipa embraced equally chic styles of modern British fashion, opting for stylish and sexy respectively during the royal wedding proceedings.

Catherine's long-awaited wedding dress was a throwback to Grace Kelly's bridal gown, a modest and classic long sleeved lace dress with an ivory satin bodice.

Her choice for the after party was just as fitting. Also a Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen design, Catherine donned a white satin evening dress with full skirt and embellished waist.

Phillipa, or 'Pippa', as she is known, opted for a plunging neckline for the royal reception, a long emerald green sleeveless dress with jewelled embellishment from Temperley London.

Her McQueen bridesmaid gown was also a sexy choice, featuring a plunging neckline and figure-hugging silhouette, complimenting her sister's more demure gown beautifully.

Like Lady Diana before her, Catherine is set to become a national fashion icon. She is already making her mark displaying a signature classic style with the frocks she has debuted in her new royal role.

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The special royal wedding commemorative issue of the magazine will be on sale Wednesday, May 4, featuring all the photos and unrivalled coverage.

Your say: What do think about Catherine and Phillipa's style?

Video: Catherine Middleton's royal wedding gown

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