Obamas give Kate and William six laptops as wedding gift

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Obamas give Kate and William six laptops as wedding gift
Prince William and Catherine meet US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle

US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were not invited to the royal wedding, but that didn't stop them from purchasing a gift for the couple.

The Obamas met the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace yesterday, and revealed their present: six Apple MacBook computers they were donating to one of the royal couple's favourite charities, PeacePlayers International.

In pictures: William and Catherine meet the Obamas

PeacePlayers is a charity based in Belfast, Ireland, that uses basketball to improve the lives of children in war-torn regions around the world. It was one of the 26 charities chosen by William and Catherine to benefit from their marriage through donations.

Their decision to ask for charitable donations in lieu of traditional wedding gifts raised an estimated $1.5 million, including $25,000 from the Australian government.

The president and first lady stayed at Buckingham Palace last night as part of their short tour of the UK and Ireland.

They met several members of the royal family on the trip, including William, Catherine, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The Obamas also came bearing gifts for Queen Elizabeth, presenting the monarch with a collection of rare photographs of her parents — King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother — on their visit to the US in 1939.

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They gave horse enthusiast Philip some custom-made carriage driving equipment and a set of horseshoes from a retired US champion carriage horse. Nature-lover Charles was also given a personalised gift — a selection of plants and seeds from the White House gardens and honey from the White House beehive.

In return, the royal family gave Barack copies of letters written to and from several US presidents to Queen Victoria. They also gave Michelle an antique brooch.

Your say: What would you give Prince William and Catherine if you were asked to buy them a wedding present?

Video: Obamas arrive in the UK

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