The princess and the perve

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Friday, February 17, 2012
The princess and the perve
Princess Mary.

Crown Princess Mary has been praised for her grace under pressure but even she wasn't sure what to do when she caught the husband of a visiting dignitary staring at her cleavage.

Mary was at a state dinner in Copenhagen on Wednesday when she turned to her left just in time to see Pentti Arajarvi — the husband of Finnish president Tarja Halonen — looking down her dress.

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While Pentti quickly turned his focus to the ceiling, Mary smiled and adjusted the neckline of her dress, placing her hand over her cleavage to protect her modesty.

Mary did her best to pretend she hadn't seen Pentti's lascivious look, and carried on polite conversation as normal.

The princess — who turned 40 last month — has four children with Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik.

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