Six things you didn't know about Daniel Geale

Friday, February 1, 2013
Six things you didn't know about Daniel Geale
Daniel Geale after he defeated Anthony Mundine.

Daniel Geale is the toast of the nation after his impressive defeat of Anthony Mundine on Wednesday night but until recently, most people had never heard of him.

We've dug up six unusual facts about Australia's new Super Middleweight Champion to help you get to know this sporting legend and all round nice guy.

He married his childhood sweetheart
Daniel was still at high school when he met and fell in love with Sheena, a pretty private school girl who lived around the corner. They got married several years later and Daniel says Sheena will always be the love of his life.

He prefers parenting to partying
Sheena and Daniel have three kids, son Bailey, eight, and daughters Ariyelle, six, and Lilyarna, four. Daniel is so devoted to his family he abstained from partying after his big win over Mundine so he would be well-rested to escort his youngest daughter to her first day of school the next morning.

He's a proud Aboriginal
Daniel's mother is a member of the Palawa people, a group of Tasmanian Aborigines who were nearly driven to extinction by diseases introduced by European settlers. Despite Mundine criticising her for being a "white girl", Sheena is actually of Aboriginal descent too.

He started boxing aged just 9
Daniel started fighting in amateur events the following year, aged 10, but it wasn't until he was 24 that he thought seriously about going pro. He struggled for many years before getting his big break, and says he has only started to feel financially secure in the past two years.

He eats jelly snakes before a big fight
They don't exactly sound like the food of champions, but Geale spent three hours munching on Allen's snakes before his fight against Mundine.

He went to the same school as Ricky Ponting
Daniel attended Brooks High in Rocherlea, the same school cricket great Ricky hails from.

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