Julia Gillard: I can win the election

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Julia Gillard: I can win the election
Julia Gillard. Photography by Grant Matthews. Styling by Judith Cook. © The Australian Women's Weekly.

She's staring down the barrel of yet another leadership spill, but Prime Minister Julia Gillard is certain she can win the federal election.

Speaking with The Australian Women's Weekly Associate Editor Caroline Overington in May, Ms Gillard said she had no doubt Labor could win a majority government at the polls.

"I believe we can win seats the seats necessary in order to have a majority Labor government and obviously I would relish the opportunity to lead a majority Labor government.

"We've certainly got our eyes on running this election to win and I do think running the election very clearly about the choice for the future."

Ms Gillard also refused to speculate about the day beyond the election.

"You can't, and I don't think about the days beyond the 14th of September," she said.

"Of course, I think deeply and plan the nation's future beyond the 14th of September … but any thoughts about me, if they come into my mind I hurry them out of my mind. You cannot do this with the intensity you need to do it if you're playing a mental game of what if?

"You'll only get me starting that on the 15th of September, if that is necessary."

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