Kate and Pippa in bizarre Romanian tourism ad

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Kate and Pippa in bizarre Romanian tourism ad
Kate and Pippa and the Romanian tourism ad.

The Middleton sisters are fiercely protective of their public image so we can't imagine they'd be too thrilled with Romania's latest tourism ad.

The poster, pictured above, tries to encourage Britons to visit Romania by claiming that all the country's women look like the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister.

"Half our women look like Kate," the ad reads. "The other half look like her sister."

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In fairness, Romanian women do bear a remarkable resemblance to Kate and Pippa.

They generally have long glossy brown hair, olive complexions and slender but shapely figures.

Kate and Pippa are currently in the Caribbean, enjoying a lavish getaway on the private holiday island of Mustique.

Kate is staying in a $30,000-a-week villa, while Pippa and the girls' parents Michael and Carole have rented different properties.

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