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Australia loves Charles and Camilla
British Royal Family

Royal koala cuddling

The final appointment on the royal couple's whirlwind tour of Adelaide was a glorious garden party at Government House attended by 900 guests.

But before meeting and greeting the locals, the Prince and Camilla had two very important members of the community to spend some quality time with.

Enter four-year-old Kao and 9-month-old Matilda, two koalas rescued by Mrs Rae Campbell and her husband Warren who volunteer for Fauna rescue of South Australia which cares for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

The Duchess eagerly picked up Matilda saying "You take the big one darling," to her less enthusiastic husband.

As Camilla cooed, The Prince gingerly held Kao saying "I can feel something warm running down".

"They've got their nappies on," replied an unsympathetic Camilla adding, "I wish I could take them home for my grandkids".

With the obligatory but nevertheless much-enjoyed koala encounter over, the couple headed out to their guests, where they were practically mobbed by rows upon rows of people clamouring to shake their hands and share their stories.

As with everyone they've met on the tour so far, the couple beamed and greeted with charm, grace and lots of humour.

"I love the royal family and have been a strong monarchist for my whole life," June Schaefer told me after sharing a moment with the Duchess.

"It's been wonderful to meet them. I feel absolutely blessed."

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