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See Kate Middleton speak for the first time
British Royal Family

See Kate Middleton speak for the first time

When you've watched someone from afar for so long, it's always bizarre to hear them speak and Kate Middleton is no exception.

We've seen thousands of pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge over the years, but she hasn't spoken publicly since becoming a royal — until now.

And much like when David Beckham or singer Adele speak, the voice doesn't quite match up to the public image.

While Kate is known as the "commoner" princess, who came from a middle class home to steal Prince William's heart, her voice is 100 percent posh — and very similar to Queen Elizabeth's plummy speech.

Kate, 30, seemed a little nervous as she addressed the crowd at The Treehouse children's hospice in Ipswich, Suffolk, yesterday.

Her speech — which royal aides stressed she wrote herself — received rave reviews from royal watchers, but the duchess' choice of outfit attracted the most attention.

Kate recycled a Reiss dress from 2008, which was most recently seen on her mother Carole Middleton, 57, in 2010.

Kate frequently reuses her favourite outfits, and has been known to borrow clothes from her mother.

This habit is said to please the queen, who frequently recycles clothes herself.

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