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Sorry Nicole! Prince Albert blasts 'inaccurate' Grace Kelly biopic
British Royal Family

Sorry Nicole! Prince Albert blasts 'inaccurate' Grace Kelly biopic

Much has been made of her striking resemblance to Grace Kelly, but Nicole Kidman's portrayal of Monaco's most glamorous princess has infuriated the late royal's children.

Prince Albert of Monaco and his sisters Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie have blasted upcoming biopic Grace of Monaco, declaring it "pointlessly glamorised and historically inaccurate".

The film — which is due for release next year — is set in 1962, when Grace was a young princess in Monaco.

It is said to be based on true events, but Albert says many scenes are "pure fiction".

French newspaper Le Figaro reports the film's producers sent Albert and his sister's copies of the script last October in a bid to secure their endorsement of the project.

The move backfired, and Albert and his sisters have now released a statement distancing themselves from the movie.

"We have had absolutely no association with this project which is claims to be about the lives of our parents," the statement reads.

"For us, this film does not constitute a biographical work, but portrays only a part of her life and has been pointlessly glamorised, and contains important historical inaccuracies as well as scenes of pure fiction."

Grace was one of the world's most famous movie stars before she turned her back on Hollywood to marry Monaco's Prince Rainier III in 1956.

She died in 1982 of injuries she suffered when her car plunged off a cliff after she suffered a stroke while driving.

Her daughter Stephanie, then 17, was in the passenger seat at the time of the crash, but only suffered minor bruising.

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