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Five fashion must haves for summer

Here at AWW.com.au HQ we are constantly asked "What fashion pieces should I bother picking up this season?" And what a good question. Inspiration for trends comes from runways the world over but it can be hard to identify which styles and pieces you should seek out.

We've done the hard work for you and enlisted the help of style blogger and all-round fashion expert Rosie Findlay (http://fashademic.blogspot.com) to help you sort the flash-in-the-pan fashion from the long-term style relationship for this summer. Here are the five pieces she says are worth dusting off the credit card for.

1. A well-cut straw hat
Whether it's a fedora, boater or a snappy little trilby, there's no better way to combine "sun-safe" and style.

2. Classic pale blue denim
If it's good enough for Stella McCartney, it's good enough for me! It will be everywhere. It is easiest to wear as a buttoned-down skirt that grazes the knee, a pair of well-cut high-waisted trousers or the ever classic denim jacket slung over a pretty dress.

3. A one-piece swimsuit
This universally flattering style is supportive for women with larger cup sizes. An unbeatable choice. For a different shape, try looking for a never-worn vintage one!

4. A straw basket- straw again!
But there's a hankering for the carefree style of the '70s, so channel Jane Birkin and sling one over your arm (or bike).

5. A pair of woven leather sandals
No, not gladiators. And no, definitely not made of rubber or plastic! Keep it chic, keep it simple. They're comfortable and go with anything. I'm looking for something with a sturdy sole for walking, preferably handcrafted.

Your say: What pieces are you coveting this summer? What trends are you loving at the moment? Share your style tips with us below.

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