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Gok Wan: How to look good with any body shape

Gok Wan: How to look good with any body shape

Feeling fat and frumpy? Celebrity stylist Gok Wan is here to help you banish those feelings forever with his top tips for looking fabulous no matter how old you are (or what those numbers on the scale say).

AWW: What are the three biggest fashion mistakes women make?

Gok: Not dressing for your body shape, not dressing for your body shape And not dressing for your body shape! It's the biggest and most common mistake I see women make every day. Far too many gorgeous women hide their best asset and make themselves look larger!

AWW: Lots of women lose their body confidence as they get older or after having children — what can they wear to start feeling good about themselves again?

Gok: Here are Gok's Golden Rules for those that need a confidence boost:

    1. Form an honest relationship with the mirror
    1. Buy yourself some good underwear
    1. Clear out all the rubbish from your wardrobe
    1. Learn what your body shape is.
    1. Go shopping and buy items that will show off your best bits

AWW: Do you have some fast tips to update your wardrobe without spending too much money?

Gok: Simple solution — accessorise! There are so many amazing accessories this season that can really lift your outfit taking your look from simple to sensational. Reinvent your wardrobe favourites with a bright scarf, statement neckpiece or clutch and when in doubt, you can never go wrong with a fabulous pair of killer heels!

AWW: How old is too old for short skirts and cleavage?

Gok: For me, age isn't important: it's all about accentuating your best assets, whether it's womanly curves or killer pins. While I wouldn't recommend a plunging neckline or mini-skirt for a more mature lady, it's really about finding your comfort zone and working within that.

AWW: Support undergarments: figure-fixing miracle or uncomfortable myth?

Gok: A figure-fixing miracle! A great look always starts with great underwear. There are many great support garments on the market that there is no excuse to settle for uncomfortable underwear!

AWW: Lots of women have wardrobes bursting with clothes, but still don't have anything to wear. What is your advice for editing down your closet and what should you restock it with?

Gok: First and foremost, if it hasn't been worn in over 12 months it has to go. An overstuffed wardrobe of unworn items only creates clutter and prevents you from recognising your fabulous favourites. And if it doesn't fit, get rid of it. There's no use holding onto that 'dream' pair of pants if they're ultimately not right for your body shape. Focus on items that fit well and flatter your figure.

AWW: What are your tips for dressing a fuller figure?

Gok: The common error that many fuller-figured women make is hiding what they've got! Understanding your body shape is key. Whether you're a big-bottomed beauty, a round, luscious apple or a top heavy inverted triangle shape, the rules are the same: Draw attention away from the areas you want to hide by bringing the focus to your best bits. If you're blessed with a great bust, then don't be tempted to cover it up — go for wraparound dresses that show a little cleavage (but not too much) and invest in a good quality bra to keep your best assets firmly in place. If it's a generous lower half that you'd like to play down, accentuate your waist and disguise a big bottom with a swirly full skirt. The curvy figure really is back with a vengeance so ladies, if you've got it flaunt it!

AWW: We're coming into summer — what can more mature women wear to work to keep cool without flashing too much flesh?

Gok: We're all in charge of our wardrobes, girls, not the other way around! It's simply a matter of seeing what works best for you and what showcases your beautiful bod best. And, remember babes, natural fibres are your best friend! Cotton and linen breathe and feel gorgeous, so drape yourself in them. Find a maxi in a light, summer fabric and with a big and bold print or be daring in a flowing kaftan, just remember to cinch it in at the waist with a pretty belt.

AWW: How can more mature ladies adapt the new season fashions without looking like mutton dressed as lamb?

Gok: The key is dressing for your shape regardless of the trend you want to adapt. And remember you don't have to go top-to-toe in the latest trends to be considered fashionable.

Gok Wan is in Australia from today until October 16 on his second Westfield Style Tour, which will see him jetting around the country to advise women on this season's hottest trends. For dates and times at your local centre, visit Westfield's website.

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