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Hollywood hair on a budget

Hollywood hair on a budget

Want all the red carpet glamour at a fraction of the cost? Check out these insider's tips on how to give your hair a Hollywood makeover minus the massive bill.

Behind every celeb and their shiny mane is a team of (very rich) hair stylists who dedicate their days to keeping their client's hair picture perfect. But as our experts show, there's no need for a beauty entourage to master these simple red carpet trends…

Fringe benefits

"A new fringe can completely update your look whether it's short, medium or long," says David Moore, Director of Sydney's Gloss Salon.

For those who are looking for a more dramatic change, try a blunt statement fringe like Sandra Bullock's at the Golden Globe Awards this year. Generally, a side-swept fringe works best for round faces while 'light, wispy bangs' will balance out a sharp chin.

But remember, a fringe will draw focus to the centre of your face, so if you have any insecurities about your nose shape, think twice before making the chop.

Colour chameleon

Want a vibrant hair colour that lasts? Emiliano Vitale, Creative Director of e Salon, suggests getting highlights instead of a block colour that requires constant maintenance.

"Add 10 thick highlights working all around the lower curve of your head. This allows the top to fall over the highlights, and you achieve that current 'roots stretched' look without changing your colour. It is quick cost effective and current, and will give your hair depth and movement," says Vitale.


"Going out and those pesky greys are starting to show? Use black or brown mascara on them. It's a brilliant camouflage," recommends Moore.

Style it up

Glam up your look with some 'hair bling' this season – the best news is, they don't have to cost a thing. "Use your imagination and a great brooch can become a hair clip — all you need to do is secure it with hair elastics or bobby pins," says John Frieda Australian Consultant Robert Maiolo.

Accessories can also come in handy when you are in between haircuts. "When [you are growing out your hair], it's a great time to reach for a scarf, a tortoiseshell clip or even an Alice band. Simple styles like ponytails and buns really come to life with an eye-catching clip or cluster of bobby pins." adds Maiolo.

Show pony

Love Angelina Jolie's dreamy side swept pony or Gwyneth Paltrow's sleek no-fuss look? "The humble ponytail is the latest accessory for the season," says Vitale. "While a 'swept off the face' high ponytail is perfect for the day, a ponytail that's positioned low or at the nape is an ideal evening do. It can also form the basis for up-dos like a chignon or a fishtail braid."

Mad Men magic

Classic 1950s-inspired silhouette is all the rage this season. Why not try Moore's step-by-step guide to re-create January Jones' classic Mad Men look?

. Get 10 medium sized Velcro rollers (about the diameter of a deodorant can).

. Work some curling balm into wet hair and blow-dry completely.

. Divide hair into smallish sections and put on rollers. Be sure to follow the natural fall of your hair.

. Secure with a clip if needed. Spray with a strong hold hair spray.

. Heat each roller up with your blow dryer until it's very warm.

. When the rollers cool off, take them out, re-apply hairspray and it's done!

Play the part

For an instant update without visiting the salon, try changing your hair parting. "Start the parting around the corner of your eye and work to the centre crown. This gives an instant 'contemporary edge' to your look. Not only is it a free change, it can also work to make you look years younger," says Vitale.

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