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Ten ways to update your hair without breaking the bank

10 ways to update your hair without breaking the bank

Your makeup is beautiful, your outfit is stunning and your shoes look incredible — it's a shame about the hair! Bad hair can ruin a killer outfit so we've found 10 clever ways to update your hair in 10 minutes.

1. Cut a fringe

A fringe is an easy way to update your style with minimal time and effort. If you're feeling confident you can cut it yourself, but we recommend going to a hairdresser — it will only take 10 minutes and won't cost much.

2. Get some texture

There are dozens of mousses, gels, putty and sprays that can dramatically change the look of your hair by adding a bit of texture. Puffy, one-dimensional hair can age your face and your look, so add some product and rough it up.

3. Try an up-do

If, like Kate Middleton, you are practically allergic to wearing your hair up, a sweeping up-do could makeover your whole look. Try braids, a loose bun or a sexy chignon.

4. Fight the frizz

If your locks are frizzy and unruly, it doesn't matter how expertly you style them — you will still look dowdy and unpolished. Visit your local hairdresser for advice on the right product to make your tresses silky, smooth and sleek.

5. Go for a ponytail

Ponytails used to be the style for when you don't have time to style, but this has changed in the past few years. A slick ponytail is now bang on trend and can make you look modern and sexy instantly.

6. To dye for

Changing the colour of your hair instantly updates your style. Avoid the time and expense of a trip to the hairdresser and do it yourself. Pick up some dye from your local chemist, but stick within a couple of shades of your current hair colour to avoid a hair disaster.

7. Ride the wave

The age of poker-straight tresses is all but over. If you want to refresh your look, add some sexy waves, a la Kate Middleton. This look can be hard to achieve at home, but with some practice, you'll be wielding your blow-dryer and round brush like a pro.

8. Add some volume

Limp, lifeless locks are not sexy. Use a volumising shampoo and conditioner and stay away from the hair straightener. Instead, blow-dry your locks out into a voluminous mane.

9. Lift roots

Another way to add volume to flat hair is lifting the roots. After washing, put mousse through your roots and blow-dry your hair upside down.

10. Play with a band

Headbands aren't restricted to school playgrounds any more. Adding a funky band can refresh your look, and hide a multitude of hair sins, including bad regrowth, dirty hair and locks in desperate need of a cut.

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