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See the light

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
See the light


My failing eyesight is making it hard for me to apply make-up. Any suggestions?


Applying make-up gets increasingly difficult as we age, but fortunately some ingenious beauty companies have devised clever products to aid failing eyesight.

Tweezing brows gets easier with Tweezeme by Angelique, $25, with an in-built LED light, and the self-lit magnified Makemeup mirror compact, $19, helps when on the go.

Modelco's Lip Lights Ultra Shine Gloss, $35, is great for after-dark touch ups with the illuminated lip wand and handy mirror.

Apply eyeshadow effortlessly with Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadows, $16 for seven pairs. Press the single prepared eyeshadow pad to your lid with firm pressure. Remove and voila — perfect eyeshadow!

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