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Stylish shoes for plus size feet

Monday, May 11, 2009
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Stylish shoes for plus size feet


Dear AWW Fashion,

I am a tall women, I would consider myself stylish. However my problem is I have HUGE feet - size 12 - I can not find fashionable shoes anywhere. Do you know of anywhere that make shoes larger than a 10? Rachel, Kingsford NSW.


Dear Rachel,

So many of us dream to be tall…we would love to be long, lean and slender, we wouldn't need to have our pants or dresses taken up and can have a clear uninterrupted view at the movies (apart from the front row!)

But on a more serious note (sort of!) I had no idea of the troubles that women with large feet experienced until I started researching your question. But it seems that there is someone out there who can help you with fashionable footwear for larger sized feet.

Barefoot Tess is an online site which provides fashionable footwear for big feet! The founder Karen Williamson and her daughter conceived the idea many years ago. Karen's daughter "Tess is 6'0" and always had trouble finding fashionable shoes to fit her big feet - I can remember being directed to the men's department on more than one occasion! She even took to wearing sandals in winter sometimes because the only real shoes in her size were of the 'comfort' variety."

Since opening in 2005 their goal has been to provided large-footed girls and women with the same options as their 'regular sized' peers - 'we steer clear of anything that seems masculine or not stylish'.

At Barefoot Tess, women of all shoe sizes can find everything from sexy pumps and knee high boots to summer sandals by designers including Dolce Vita, Steve Madden and Loeffler Randal to name a few. And it hasn't taken long for celebrities to catch on, with Celine Dion, Jessica Beil and Geena Davis all seen sporting the sites styles.

For more information visit

Happy Shopping,

The AWW Fashion Team

YOUR SAY: Do you have large feet? Where do you shop for your footwear? Share with us here...

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