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Appearing slimmer

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
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I would love to know what outfits I should choose when shopping. Unfortunately I am 5 foot tall and weigh 12 stone, so I always look short and dumpy. I tend to wear leggings and long jumpers to cover the mess. What will make me look taller and slimmer? Any suggestions?

Shirley, by email.


Dear Shirley,

Thank you for your email.

If you want to appear slimmer and add height to your look, avoid straight, no-waist styles that hide your curves and assets. Lycra and stretch fabrics aren't very forgiving, so try heavier fabrics with a good drape that fall nicely over the leg. Go for fitted pieces, worn with a small heel for a long shapely look.

Tops and skirts, jackets and pants sometimes work better than a single dress. The more lines and seams, the more attention is drawn away from your problem areas. A solid skirt with two darts in front smoothes out your tummy area, as do flat front pants.

Avoid pants with front pleats, they add kilos to any look. For a more casual look, invest in some good jeans. A slight flair or boot-cut leg makes your thighs appear thinner.

Try a tailored pinstripe suit for a stylish look that helps elongate the body. A single button jacket over long pants helps slim the figure. An A-line dress to the knee helps hide a stomach and thighs and looks chic with some heels for extra height. Add a matching coat for the cooler winter climate, creating a polished look that camouflages unwanted lumps and bumps.

The AWW Fashion Team.

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