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Dressing for curves

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Dressing for curves

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Question: I am 53 years old 5ft 3 and have a full curvy figure. Help! What should I wear?

Diana, WA.


Dear Diana,

Firstly, learn to love your curves - dress to flatter and accentuate your feminine shape rather than disguise them or treat them as a problem area. Dressing to suit and flatter your body is one of the key things that will differentiate a good from a bad dresser. Part of our job at AWW involves dressing women of all shapes and sizes, both celebrities and real people. Here are our tips to dressing for a curvy body:

  • Wear deep V neck lines. It is important to show a little skin.
  • Make sure you balance your proportions. If you wear a loose fitting top, wear a tailored pair of pants – this will flatter your figure.
  • Avoid high necklines – eg: scarves, bows and frilly colours.
  • A narrow tunic style top worn over slim pants will create an illusion of overall slimness and divert attention away from your stomach. Stay away from smock style tops or blouses – these will only make you look larger.
  • Wide and straight legged trousers will camouflage heavy legs.
  • If you have curves like Beyonce – flaunt them! Wear belts to cinch in your narrow waist to show off your divine feminine shape.
  • Do not choose pants with an elastic waist band over a tailored pair. Tailored pants will slim and control your shape – while elasticized pants will give you no shape at all.
  • Wear colour! Try to stick with solid colours rather than patterns – some patterns can make you look bigger – eg: large spots.
  • Look for clothes with shape and structure eg: that come in at the waist. Dressing in head to toe baggy clothes will look awful.
  • Experiment with accessories. Try large drop earrings or long necklaces that will help to elongate your shape.
  • If you are bigger at the bottom wear darker colours at the bottom and lighter at the top or reverse if you are smaller at the bottom and larger on top.

Embrace your feminine shape and have fun!!

The AWW Fashion Team

YOUR SAY: How do you dress your curvey figure? Share your tips with us below...

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