Amazing knickers

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Amazing knickers
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A department store in London is expecting to be inundated with orders for miracle "fat-busting" undies, which it's selling for £30 ($60).

In May this year, John Lewis' online store sold out of the knickers within an hour and the company's London department store sold out in one day. New stock went on sale July 22, and is expected to sell quickly as well, the UK's Daily Mail reported.

The Scala Bio-Fir Anti-Cellulite pants promise to rid wearers of the "orange-peel effect". The John Lewis company ordered 40,000 pairs and says the knickers have flown off the shelves faster than any other lingerie range this decade.

Fans of the garment reportedly include actress Sienna Miller, who is widely reported to have said in a 2007 interview, "My so-called fabulous shape is due to airbrushing. I have small boobs and cellulite."

The pants, containing crystals, work by warming up when they come in contact with the skin. The warmth reportedly increases circulation in the hips, thighs and bottom, encouraging fat cells to "melt" into a liquid which is excreted from the body by the liver.

More than 4000 people signed up to receive an e-mail alerting them when the pants were to go on sale again.

Research found that four out of five women who wore the undies every day for a month lost centimetres off their stomach, thighs and hips. The results reportedly last 12 months, pending the wearer eats healthily and exercises regularly, the Daily Mail reported.

After the knickers went on sale in May for £25 ($50), they were soon changing hands on eBay for up to £60 ($121). The new stock is available from John Lewis' online store for £25 to £30 ($50 to $60).

You can now buy yourself a pair from

Your say: How much would you pay for a cure for cellulite? Do you have any cellulite reducing tips? Tell us below...

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