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Photo by Getty Images Open that window! Living in a mouldy home is not only bad for your lungs, it may actually dampen your spirits. Clear the air and get happy with...
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52C62B0A-8844-4824-88E1-A233009E57CA A garden of peace When your life is hectic it's time to just sit and enjoy your garden — a place of serenity...
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Photo by AWW Do you live in an Australian Women's Weekly home? As our diggers returned from World War II, Australia faced the greatest building boom in history....
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Serves 6 Aussie housewives being worked to the bone If you feel that constantly picking up after your messy family is taking its toll – you're not...
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Photo by Getty Images How to have a jungle on your balcony Ever looked up at a block of flats, all bare and boring...and seen one that looked like a small... Think pink! Think pink!

One dreary winter’s day… One dreary office desk… Add one pot of bright pink cyclamen…

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How to share your apple tree with a mob of parrots The trouble with birds is that they think they own the garden too. According to the parrots, those...
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