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Do I need a naturopath? Do I need a naturopath?

Many turn to naturopaths with their lifestyle solutions, herbs and potions as a means of maintaining health and...

Herbs that heal gingivitis Herbs that heal gingivitis Women are particularly vulnerable to gingivitis - now there is a simple natural remedy for this... Relief from mouth ulcers Relief from mouth ulcers Mouth ulcers more grief than anything so small deserves to. Here are our clever remedies to help you... Getty Images What is wing tsun? Is it a therapy? Wing tsun is a form of martial arts. However, unlike kung-fu and karate, for example, it is a method...
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Less stress with aromatherapy Less stress with aromatherapy Good scents make good sense when it comes to nixing stress. Photos by Getty Images New flu fighter It's the sneezin' season, and it seems that, when it comes to improving your immune system so it can... Photos by Getty Images The office day-spa Some days are so hectic and stressful, emergency measures are called for. These three relaxation... Photos by Getty Images Can chiropractic cure hypertension? Read about the intriguing findings of a new study from the University of Chicago Medical Center... Photos by Getty Images Natural help for quitting smoking I just can't give up smoking. Are there any natural remedies that can help? Photos by Getty Images Stubborn corns I have a really stubborn corn on my foot. Are there any natural remedies that can help? Drink tea, it might help your cholesterol levels Seven ways to lower your cholesterol High cholesterol levels pose a grave danger to your heart. The good news is that these seven easy...

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