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Putting your garden on holiday Putting your garden on holiday December is not a time to garden! The weather's too hot, you're too busy — and for many of us, December and January... strawberries Home-grown sexy strawberries The sexiest fruit in the world has to be the strawberry. Strawberries dipped in chocolate,... strawberries Planting your own strawberries How many plants? About a hundred plants should give two adults and two children strawberries for... strawberries Strawberry pests and problems One of the main problems encountered by strawberry growers is holes in the berries. These can be... strawberries Tasty strawberry ideas Strawberries Romanov An idea, rather than a recipe. Marinate strawberries in half orange juice, half... passionfruit plant A passion for passionfruit When I was a kid one of the best things do after school was to pick passionfruit from the back... passionfruit How to cosset passionfruit Passionfruit don't need pruning — just hack them back a bit if they grow too big. But they MUST... passionfruit When to harvest and eat passionfruit Harvest In warm areas the vines fruit most of the year; in colder areas in late summer. Pick the... tomatoes Home-grown tomatoes ... anywhere! There is nothing, nothing, nothing like a home-grown tomato, all warm from the sun and not just... tomatoes Steps to great home-grown tomatoes Step 1: Plant Tomatoes can go in their own nice sunny bed and must have at least four hours of... What can go wrong with home-grown tomatoes Tomatoes are subject to various wilts and blotches. Some are transferred in seed. Others survive in... potatoes Growing potatoes If you are longing to plant your vegies now, but the soil still feels cold when you sit on it,... Family sausage rolls, main, recipes, children, healthy, snack, dinner, lunch, comfort food What to plant in July Frost-free climates Plants to eat: Fruit trees such as limes; tropical apples, avocados, grapes,... Backyard orchard: apricots How to grow Not for subtropics or areas with heavy late-spring frosts; DON'T grow apricots in humid...

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